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Outer Wilds fanart. This game means a lot to me. Adventure! Fennel as an Animal Crossing villager I made a fursona! Their name is Fennel and they're a dog/sheep mix Had an idea for a fucked up Spider-verse character while trying to fall asleep one night. It's me! Again! Snack time! Drawing of a My Little Pony toy I had for a day as a kid before I got rid of it because I was embarrassed for liking ''girl stuff''. It smelled like oranges :) Stinger from Salmon Run but a baby?? Stinger from Salmon Run Splatoon fanart The Flower Wyrm, a homebrewed D&D monster. It's me! Nefelwyrm Princess Mielle Comet Island Pumpkin Knight Redesign of a superhero I made as a kid, Captain Gecko. Hollow Knight fanart Eraserhead Baby

I have way more art than this but most of it is super old (I've been posting online since 2011!) and I don't like it and I have improved so much since then, so I just didn't feel like putting it on here!